How-to Video Tutorials

These video tutorials are designed to help you perform basic SOA Cloud Service upgrade tasks using myst. They include step by step videos across the secure, discover, upgrade and manage features of the product.
Upgrade Overview

Performing a SOACS Upgrade

This video take you through each of the stages of the upgrade process end to end. This is a great video to watch after you've registered for access to myst.


Establish a Secure Connection to Oracle Cloud

This video takes you through the process of establishing and testing a connection with the Oracle Cloud Service.


Discover Your Existing Configuration

This video takes you through how you can use Myst to read in your existing configuration and turn it into a foundation for subsequent environments


Upgrade Your SOACS Configuration

This video shows how you can simply turn your existing configuration to be aligned to the latest version of SOACS.


Migrate your SOACS Configuration

This video shows how you can apply your migrated configuration to the newly created live instance of SOACS

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