About Us

Our goal is to accelerate your DevOps automation journey with Oracle Middleware and Oracle Cloud

Our History

Myst has been helping customer accelerate their Oracle Middleware and Cloud DevOps practices since 2012. Originally used by Rubicon Red to accelerate provisioing complex Oracle SOA Suite implementations. The utility became a product in 2012 and has matured into one of the most comprehensive Oracle DevOps products on the market. Myst has customers across the globe using the DevOps features of Provisiong, Configure and Deploy for small, medium and large deployments. The most recent features added to Myst includes a SaaS offering called myst.cloud.

Our Leadership Team

John Deeb

John Deeb is a director of Myst and provides business development and operational support to the leadership team.

James Hemmings

James Hemmings is an experienced Sales & Marketing Executive supporting the strategic growth objectives of the Myst business.

Alistair Palmer
General Manager

Alistair is a Director and General Manager for Myst Software. He is focused on Business Development and growth of the Myst Cloud SaaS platform.

Matt Wright

Matt Wright is the CEO and co-founder of Rubicon Red and Director at Myst Software. Matt provides strategic oversight of the Myst Product Roadmap.

David Tran
Customer Success Manager

David is the Customer Success Manager for Myst. David is responsible for customer support and customer satisfaction.

Over 10 years experience

The Myst product was developed to support the Rubicon Red consulting business. The success of the product validated the need for more efficient devops in the Oracle Middleware and now Oracle Cloud space.

MYST Community

Customers can choose to leverage the Myst Product Support portal or join the Myst Community on Slack.


The future roadmap of Myst is focused on maximizing the life of existing on premise platforms including SOA Suite and Oracle Cloud components.

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Phone number

+61 1300 799 959
+1 650 241 2104

Our Locations

Oracle Tower
Level 3, Suite 3
340 Adelaide St
Brisbane, Qld, 4000

6th Floor
303 Twin Dolphin Drive
Redwood City
California 94065